Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fire finishes up storm damage

Kim and Flo Bessemer found thsemselves fighting, not another hurricane, but a fire, Wednesday evening that finished off the damages the storms had left behind. The article did not mention where the couple was from, but mentioned a quote from Capt. Brian Blizzard, St. Lucie County Fire District spokesman. This made the reader "assume" where the couple was from. This story was an interesting one, but the writer forgot to include important details.

Jewish Celebration

The Palm Beach Post reported that Jews worldwide on Tuesday celebrated Yom Ha'Artzmaut, known as Israel's Independence Day. The Post reported that "at Mizner Park, the old and the young Tuesday sat in lawn chairs, eating pitas stuffed with falafel as they listened to speeches by Israeli military veterans."

This was a light hearted article only discussing the feelings of the Jews celebrating this day. It did not include any infomation that might have educated people of different Religions on the event.

Tsunami in your backyard!

The Palm Beach Post has brought an issue to the attetion of people in the Carribean that they probably have never really even thought about. Tsunamis. The Post says, "dazzling tropical islands curve in graceful arcs across azure seas, while simmering volcanoes jut skyward and deep ocean canyons furrow the ocean bed just offshore." Scary thing, but very true. The article mention the opinion of scientists on the issue and facts that help make people aware of the dangers. For more information, click here.

Unsterilized instruments cause hospital HIV scare

According to the Associated Press, a nurse resigned from the Scripps Memorial Hospital after being confronted about not following proper operating room procedures. The nurse was not fully sterilizing the gastroscope for stomach-reduction surgery patients. She may have put up to 300 hundred patients at rist of HIV and Hepatitis. Officials say they are at low risk of infection because tools underwent preliminary washes and rinses.
The writer was unclear about how the title and the story correlate. It wasn't mentioned how the risk of infection of HIV and heppatitis was the only concern for these patients and no other virus. Also why it hadn't been discovered sooner.

Leader of Prostitution Ring begins Jail Term

On Wednesday, a Boca man was turned in to jail after having a business of 1,200 to 1,400 women as prostitutes netting almost $3 million between 1998 and 2004. The story states his term in jail and the way things were handled along the way.
Writer, Susan Wendel covered each base in this article. Again, she captured the audience at the beginning as well as the end. There were no "dead areas", I call them. Aside from the interesting subject for the reader, she made sure she used her resources very well.

Investigators Say Lightning Caused Mine Blast

The January mine blast in West Virginia killed 12. Investigators are saying the explosion could have been attributed to a lighting strike that ignited methane gas. Apperantly igniting methane gas is as easy as walking across dry carpet.
In re-caping this story that happened back in January, the writer included all the major points as a refresher in order for the audience to understand the new findings. He stated the preliminary findings and further described why the new findings were much more plausable.

Task Force?

The Task Force is a team of detectives from various law enforcement agencies whose goal is to help solve the county's violent crimes. An article in the Palm Beach Post, titled "Task force makes first arrest," was very informative on the Task Force themselves as weel as the "first arrest," made this Tuesday. Though full of information, i wasn't sure what the article was focused on. It started out giving all of the details of the arrest and then went on talking about the short history of the "Task Force." I felt like this article needed to find its focus.

MySpace Molestors

Reuters reports the state of Massachusetts is trying to raise the minimum age of users from 14 to 18 years of age. More and more sexual predators are being arrested for sexual contact with minors who they met on myspace. MySpace is currently working on filters to block inappropriate material. They also want to provide free software for parents to be able to block MySpace.
The writer was successful in covering different perspectives on the MySpace topic. He showed in growing concern that parents have with their childs safety by going into detail about various child molestation cases. He also went into the business perpective and gave background on the company's financials and structure. I thought is was writen effectively.

Publix to keep power at stores

According to the Palm Beach Post, the generators that are being put in at the supermarkets, such as Publix, are to keep the lights on and the freezers chilled in the event of a windstorm. In Palm Beach County, 10 of the 55 Publix stores are expected to receive these generators by June 1. The article discusses ideas from the Lake-land supermarket chain as well as facts.
I feel the writer should've stated examples of why this conclusion was made.

Volcanic Eruption in Indonesia

The associated press reported today of residents of JAKARTA, Indonesia were awakened at 2:00am by the rumbling of Mount Merapi. Molten lava began to run down the mountainsides. The vulcanologists say that eruption may be immenent. They consider the volcano a stage 3 out of 4 with 1 being the highest. There were no casualties.
The story was straight forward. They did interview the chief of Merapi's Volcanology and Monitoring office. But I would have liked to have read some quotes from the local people about the situation. I think that would have added more drama. Although, I did like the interactive link to the Anatomy of a Volcano provided by nasa.

Borchard gets Opportunity

According to the Sports section in the Palm Beach Post, a former Pac-10 quarterback was hired for help in center field for the Marlins. Leaving the Seattle Mariners, batter Joe Borchard takes a new direction in his career. The article explains the facts about the player closing the story with other updated events from the team.
The writer nailed the subject right at the beginning which is always the way to go.

98 Degrees singer arrested

In Cape Canaveral FL 98 degree boy band member Jeff Timmons was arrested on April 23 for drunk driving. He was pulled over after going 60 in a 45 without a license. Cops noticed his eyes were glassy and he admited to having a lot to drink. His passenger was Mitch English, host of TV show "The Daily Buzz." He was too drunk too drive so Jeff was driving his car. He was arrested that night and posted bail that evening.
The story was lacking more information. The writer did not mention wheather Jeff would have to appear in court and any charges he might have to pay for the DUI. I hope because he's famous they didn't let him off after driving intoxicated and without a license.

Another Idol bites the dust.

According to Paris Bennett got the boot last night. America decided she couldn't cut it anymore. Now only 4 are left.
The story wasn't to informative. They spoke about Paris getting kicked off and how Elliot Yamin was the second to last with the least amount of votes. But they left out any information on the other to idols. They didn't discuss how their performances went and what the judges thought.

Ricky in Canada?

Always in the news, Ricky Williams of the Miami Dolphins is trying to gain permission to play for the CFL (Canada Football Leauge.) He is still under contaract with Miami, so now he finds himself having to ask permission from coach, Nick Saban, in order to play. Although, he would not get paid as much in the CFL, Williams is still eager to get back in the game.

Ricky, Ricky, should have thought about that before my brother. After the Dolphins gave soooooooo many warnings to clean up his act. The report, in the Palm Beach Post, did not miss any details on the possible Canada endeavor. It was covered very well.

Mother at 63!

A 63 year old woman in London is pregnant with a baby girl after undergoing a fertility treatment. Her doctors say although she is 63 years old her biological age is 45. He says she perfectly capable of having this baby.
The story was writen well. They included some statistical data, quotes from the acutal woman, her doctor, & her family. Although I think the risks that a 60 year old woman is taking by doing this should have been discussed more. Doctors in america say having kids after 35 is a big risk for the baby and the mother. I'm sure those risks are extremely higher at 63 years old. They could have also included information on where women can learn more about the fertility procedure she used.

Corpse Found In Barrel of Rum!

According to Hungarian builders found a suprise in their barrel of rum. While working on renovating a house they drank their way to the bottom of the barrel. When they went to throw it out they were baffled at it's weight since it had been drained. When they opened the barrel the body of a man fell out. Apparently the wife 20 years ago shipped him from Jamaica to avoid the cost and paperwork of giving him a proper burial. The worker said the rum had a "special taste" they had even bottled some to take home.
The story was short and sweet. The writer made all his points briefly and effectively. He ended story with the final destination of the body, he was given a proper burial, the wife had died already.

Crack Head!

According to the Palm Beach Post, Lisa Parsons, 27, A woman with a $200-a-day crack cocaine habit confessed to stealing and cashing in thousands of scratch-off lottery tickets at the gas station where she worked, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. The estimated amout of money stolen was $275,880 over the six months she worked at the Shell Gas station. She now faces fraud and grand theft charges according to the report.
It's funny, the lenghts that some people will go in order to satisfy thier addictions. The report covered the story well, briefly focusing on the fact that she had a crack addction, and keeping the subject at hand in focus...the stolen money.

Broward woman killed in burning SUV

Patricia Morris, 59, from Broward County was killed early Thursday when her SUV burst into flames during a single-vehicle crash. The woman will be taken in for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of her death.

Writer, Stephanie Slater uses her resources explaining the accident throughout her story.

These articles are always an eye-catcher for the audience. Slater covered this very well. It went straight to the point, had witnesses to explain the story, and closed it with the latest news about the incident.


This article states a woman in Philadelphia received second- and third- degree burns on her arms and chest from a fast food worker that tossed a cup of hot grease on her. The 17-year-old worker was charged. There were interviews from the victim and employees.
This writer delivered the story with an interesting introduction, which is very important. He stated the situation immediately and then went to the interviews. He closed the article with an interview which leaves the reader at a high level of interest.

Air Tests don't explain illness

In Port St. Lucie, workmen were complaining of feeling ill at an elementary school according to the Palm Beach Post last week. Tests were run on the cleaning agents and chemicals were picked up from it. According to the writer, Sandra Hong, certain precautions were made until the answer of this is found.
She states different interviews and facts that support the subject.
In my opinion, the article should've began stating the more interesting fact of this story; that the men were seen by doctors due to their sickness. I feel the writer should've concentrated at the beginning more than the end. The story is a great subject but the delivery of it could've been better.

Police seek 911 caller in a girl's death

On wednesday, May 03rd 2006, an investigation story about a 16-year-old girl that was shot in West Palm Beach was written in the Palm Beach Post by Kevin Deutsch. Detectives are looking for the man who reported the death and a person who was traveling with him. Mr. Deutsch's writes about the footage and interviews he received from witnesses and a female dispatcher. The writer states the updated news about the report and lists the contact numbers for anyone with information about the incident.
The article was very well written. I feel the writer gave all information possible to explain this story. He used witnesses and other sources to explain the story. At the end, he gave information for the reader to help in the situation. This article was well organized.

Free pre-k summer enrollments still short

According to the Palm Beach Post, writer Sonja Isger wrote about the state's free pre-kindergarten program for this summer. Facts from the writer said 3,000 to 5,000 children were expected to sign up for the program, but only 500 were enrolled. Throughout the article, there were opinions made from the assistant superintendent for curriculum named Wayne Gent.
In my opinion, I feel Sonja Isger should've used actual parents of these children as her sources. If the writer would've captured both the enrolled and the not-yet enrolled opinions, more interest from the reader would've existed.

Area students honored with pathfinder awards

In the Palm Beach Post, writer Rani Gupta had an article about 18 first-place scholarship winners in the 23rd annual Pathfinder Scholarship Awards at the Kravis Center. First place winners received $2,500 scholarships and second-, third-, and fourth- place winners received from $1,500 to $750 each. The article was portrayed using an example of a 17 year old girl as one of the winners of the event. The young girl lives with the disease Tourette's syndrome and has had difficult moments financially and emotionally.
I feel Mrs. Gupta captured the audience very well with this article. Not only did she explain the event, but also used a good example that took the article to higher level of success.

43 haitians who landed at Hillsboro beach are facing deportation

This article talks about the 43 haitians that were picked up by the USA in the Hillsboro area. It looks as though they will be sent back, many are fighting the non equal rights. If a Cuban touches the shores they can stay, but many others from different countries can not. To fully understand why this is so, one must understand all the things that have happened in the past, politically of course. I agree that it is wrong to send them back and allow others to stay, but I can assure you that all the haitians that came were aware of this. this situation has been going on for years and years. haitians have never been allowed to do this and the Cubans have. That is the law. One cannot force their way here and expect the government to change their minds about how things are ran here. Everyone knows who can stay and who cannot. So why come here to be sent back I blame the people coming. It is a sad shutdown but one must be a realist and a idealist.

Graduates vow to value earth

In this article, it explains graduate students vowing to value the earth more. To do this all the graduates plan on looking at the environmental issues when applying for a job not really paying attention to the pay check. This will never work. As a matter of fact one needs to see if they are making the students make this vow in order to graduate. Now of course not one of the faculty staff will come out and directy say it. Lets be honest what makes this beautiful earth turn? It is money. Yes that little pay check that the graduates do not want to look at. Does a doctor care? Does a lawyer care? Of course they do. Every one cares about our plant but one this is unavoidable. Money!!!! With this people are poor. We would not live right aswell as getting a partner to share your life. Let a man tell a woman that he does not care about the money only the earth. Realistically that person would be one lonely man, aswell as a woman would be if she did not have her priorities in order. Money has always been priority. Of course cave men did not need all that, but we have become a people who depend on money and as long as that continues we will always need to look at money before anything else.

Vendors wont sell soda with sugar to schools.

This article explains that most obesity comes from the kids drinking sodas with too much sugar in schools. Thus leading to more and more over weight students. The article does not talk about all the thin students. What about all the the sport players? They drink soda with sugar in them aswell. Of course they also drink water too. Too much of anything is bad for you aswell as not enough of something. In the article, the defense does not look at the pro and cons of this situation. On top of that, it would be very one sided to get rid of these drinks due to the fat kids in school, where as the thin sport players drink what they want and exercise. Never having to worry about getting fat. Solution.....Do not take away the sodas, but add slim fast. :)

Cuban leader expel member

This article is about a member of the communist party that gets expelled. The name of the member is Juan Carlos Robinson. Robinson was born in Santiago de Cuba. He has been a member since 1982. The reasons for Robinson expelling was never defined. In the article it claims he was arrogant and abused his authority. One must understand that the only reason one is expelled from the communist party in Cuba is that you did some thing wrong to the government that they do not like. For example, expressing your ideologies is not what a person does in Cuba, let alone if you belong to the communist party. Not because you apply authority or the abuse it. The granma newspaper in Cuba is ran by the communist party, meaning it is a communist newspaper. There is no other newspaper that is not the granma. So all that is said, all that is read comes from the communist ideologies. The article never spoke on the reasons or gave examples to justify his expelling.

R&B group helps get sunfest off to a kool start

Every year many groups come to Sunfest ranging from all age groups, one was the R&B group that started the festival. One problem is, who were they? All that was explained in the article was that they were a group from the 80's. Whether you are from the past or the now, one must know the name of the group that presented themselves. The article started with talking about the performances, and lead into the cost of Sunfest and what packages to buy. Though the R&B group was one of many groups there, they made sure to discuss American idols champ Carrie underwood. Lets not stop there,they also talked about Michael Bolton,fine apple and Lynyrd Skynyrd. What did they do here? They gave names of the performers, which is the same thing they should have done for the R&B group from the 80's.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Man tells executioners "It's not working"

On Tuesday during a routine execution of a prisoner they were faced with a techinical difficulty. This was brought to the executioners attention when the double murderer announced "It's not working. It's not working." after they had injected the lethal syrum into his vein. Apparently the vein they had injected it into had collapsed delaying the process by 90 minutes. They had to find another vein and attempted a second time successfully.
This story from's "oddly enough" news was comical. But I think they did not need to include the prisoners criminal history with such great detail. The point of the story was his comical death, we need not know his two page criminal history at the end of the article.

Okeechobee Levee Unstable!

Experts call levee 'danger' to South Florida. Lake Okeechobee has a 70 year old 140 mile long dike that surrounds it. Scientists are concerned with the structural integrity of this large pile of dirt and leaves that separates man from disaster. Last year Katrina was able to dig a 40 foot deep 220 foot long section out of the levee. They believe it was due to the storm as well as years of interal erosion. Professionals say immediate action should be taken in strengthning the levee because there is only a 50/50 chance the levee hand withstand high winds, heavy rain fall and a powerful storm surge from a storm.
The story was informative but writen with a lot a scientific terminology, not suitable for all readers to comprehend. They also mentioned a storm surge. These are normally associated with the ocean, it being a lake, I think further explanation was necessary.

Tonga given no tsunami warning after quake

On Thursday a 7.9 quake hit near the south pacific nation of Tonga. A warning on a possible tsunami was sent but Tonga never received it, they had a power outage. It is unknown if the outage was due to a quake. Luckily it was a false alarm, the quake was not strong enough to generate a tsunami. But I defintely think Tonga's National Disaster Office should invest in a generator incase the next time it's not a false alarm. The story in itself was very detailed and did a good job in pointing out a major communication problem with the tsunami warning system currently in place.

Purse Snatchings

For the past couple weeks it seems purse snatchings are on the rise. Last week Hollywood Major Mara Giulianti's purse was stolen out of her car as she pumped gas. This past Monday two teenage boys were caught robbing a purse at another gas station in Cooper City. Ladies this is not a new phenomemon! If you pump gas hide your purse and lock your car doors. The Herald failed to mention if these boys were the same robbers who snatched the mayors purse.

McDonald's Robbery

Three teens were arrested in Pompano Beach McDonald's robbery. According to the Sun-Sentinel, a break in the case came after two of the suspects started bragging to other students and flashing large wads of cash around the campus. After being picked up and questioned at BSO's Pompano Beach substation, the teens were each charged with armed robbery with a firearm and were transported to the Juvenile Assessment Center for processing. The names of the teens were withheld because of their age. This story had a lot of information that was presented very quickly. One fact after the other. It was very straight forward and very informative for someone on the go to be able to read.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jailed dad to be with son for transplant

According to the Miami Herald a 7 year old leukemia patient Brenertt Onetti requested for his jailed father to be released for his bone marrow transplant. Frank Jesus Onetti had been arrested as an illegal immigrant in Orlando during the 2003 statewide sweep. He used a fake social security number to receive an ID badge for his janitorial job at the airport. The family over-stayed on a tourist visa with the intentions of seeking better treatment than what the son,Brenertt, had been receiving in Peru. The judge granted him bond to be with his son. He will be released for four months and will wear an electronic ankle bracelet.
Thanks to a sympathetic judge this boy will have his father by his side for surgery. The Herald reported in a heart felt tone. The article was successful in providing the whole picture for a clear understanding. Had they not the public would have been unclear as to why they were illegal to begin with.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


The Palm Beach Post reported that FCAT scores, released today, showed an overall improvement. The report includes a lot of numbers comparing last year's numbers to the scores and other factors related to the test from this year. The report also offers a link at the end of the story of charts comparing each district statewide; that was very informative, click here.

Stupid Criminals!

Hungry and in jail. That is exactly how Walter Eliassaint ended up, in January, after swiping some food that was meant for his neighbor from the delivery man, that he didn't even get the chance to eat. According to the Sun-Sentinel, he faced 11 years in prison before pleading guilty Wednesday to a lesser charge and receiving a $333 fine. He was initially charged with forgery and uttering a forged instrument. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft.

This story was the classic story of "stupid criminals." The reporting style was as comical as the story itself. Quotes included, such as the Judge asking Eliassaint, "was it good?" and him repeating that he wouldn't know because he was "in jail the same night," made it a great story to read.

Killer in your neighborhood?

According to the Sun-Sentinel a man at a quadplex on the 4300 block of Greenwood Avenue, in West Palm Beach, was shot to death upon answering his front door this morning. The report said that there was a witness, but the witness could not see the face of the killer. The killer got away and the investigation continues.

This story was brief and it seemed like a lot of important details might have been missing. One very important detail would be the kind of car the killer was driving. It is an important story that the public should be informed about, "in detail," because it concerns their safety.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

27 New Species!

According to a report by Netscape News, 27 new animal species have been discovered in two Central California national parks. Many of them are spiders, centipedes and scorpion-like specimens that live only in caves. The report states that the discoveries were made during a three-year study of 30 caves in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks.

This is exciting news! These little guys could tell scientists about environmental problems or changes because of their sensitivity to surroundings, according to the report. And who knows, maybe one of them could supply us with a cure to something!

Another One?

Yesterday, another unlawful teacher-student sex story hit the airwaves. Former Kentucky middle school teacher, Angela Comer, 26, ran off with her 14-year-old former student and 4-year-old son to Mexico. Comer, according to a report by The Palm Beach Post, was forced to resign last November amid to allegations of an affair with the student. The boy was reported missing on Jan. 6th and four days later was found her Mexico hotel room. According to a report aired on Fox 19, Cincinnati she faces four counts of unlawful transactions with a minor, two counts of third-degree sodomy and one count of custodial interference.


All of these teachers have a lot in common. They are all young. They are all pretty women. In their younger years, they probably had a lot of attention from the guys around them. Then they got married and became "off the market." They become teachers and begin to get that attention and admiration they crave. Causing them to fall in love with that feeling and perhaps with the student that creates that feeling within them. It's a sad, sad, story.

Sick People

Last Wednesday, Jan. 11, Nixzmary Brown, a seven-year old girl in Brooklyn, New York, was killed by her mother and stepfather. According to an article released that Friday by ABC News, she was tortured, starved and beaten to death despite the fact that many people were aware of this abuse. A report on Univision stated that the little girl allegedly took a yogurt that belonged to her stepfather from the refrigerator and was punished for it. She had been dunked in a tub of water by them, beaten, and then dried off and dressed by her mother and was left to die. According to a report by the NY Daily News, her mother, around 4 a.m., woke a neighbor telling her that her daughter drowned. The neighbor quickly caught on that the child wouldn't be taking a bath at 4 a.m., the bruises on her face were NOT caused by herself, as said by her mother, and she was dry and FULLY CLOTHED in her pajamas! When the authorities arrived and told them that their daughter was dead, reports say that they had no reaction, no crying, no screaming, nothing. She weighed less than 40 pounds when she died. When authorities questioned the couple, they said that she was rebellious. Rebellious or not...There is no justification for this sick behavior.

This case, thankfully, with the outrage it caused, has raised the awareness of welfare officials with similar cases. Hopefully this will teach officials to pay attention to the warning signs of this type of abuse and minimize these tragedies.

- "A Little Bit"